Meet Jenny

Hey Everyone, My name is Jenny Lee. I am a native born Hoosier, born and raised in Galveston. I am currently living in Costa Rica, serving as a missionary. I had the pleasure of hosting a trip for Dr, Jarrell and her family.

If you, your family, or a group from your  church are interested in a mission experience in Costa Rica, please feel free to contact us!Option 2Experience is coordinated and led by Jenny Lee. I grew up in the small town of Galveston, Indiana, and learned at a young age that there are many ways to serve the Lord. I was active in my home church before I volunteered on short term mission trips during high school and college spring breaks. God then led me to serve as a full-time missionary with McDowell Mission in Welch, West Virginia. My love for God and passion for missions continued to grow. I learned many things—one of which is the importance of taking time away from daily tasks to focus on my relationship with God. After nearly nine years hosting mission teams at McDowell Mission, God led me to a variety of other mission work: teaching in a middle school, serving with Habitat for Humanity, working in construction with my dad, and volunteering extensively in a church in North Carolina. During my time in North Carolina, I co-led a Bible Study/Life Group for young women who were juniors and seniors in high school. Shortly after, I relocated to Costa Rica and returned to full time ministry. In addition to leading the Experience program, I volunteer in the LaFortuna public elementary school, serve in the local church, and practice relational evangelism.

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