Teeth Whitening

Begin With Dental Check-up

Instead of searching for tooth whiteners at stores, begin with a dental check-up. We’ll assess your oral health, treat any issues, and suggest safe teeth whitening options. Our experts will determine if whitening is suitable, based on the cause of discoloration like stains, injury, or treatment history. It’s crucial, as whitening only affects natural enamel, not crowns or fillings. This prevents wastage of time and money.

Free Whitening for Life Program

We pride ourselves in knowing our patients are maintaining the best possible oral health. Our Free Whitening for Life Program was developed as a free gift for those patients who are already taking their dental health seriously, and as an incentive for those who need a little help keeping up with their dental care.

There are 4 simple steps to enroll in our FREE WHITENING FOR LIFE PROGRAM!

  1. Let us start you off on the right path with digital x-rays, doctor’s exam and hygiene cleaning.
  2. Comply with our minimum treatment plan to restore and maintain your healthy smile. 
  3. Maintain scheduled hygiene appointments to receive whitening refills. 
  4. Pay your bills as agreed. 

That’s it. Call (765) 453-4369 today to get started.

At Home Professional Teeth Whitening Systems vs. Professional In-Office Whitening Treatments

Most of our patients prefer to use their custom fitted teeth whitening trays in the convenience of their own home or as they go about their day at any time they wish, without their speech or appearance being impaired during whitening treatment.  The whitening gel is a cabamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide gel that is safe to use on enamel. It actually cleans the gums so it is very good for oral health when used in moderation. Home whitening is not as quick as in-office whitening treatments but is is usually more comfortable. Most of our patients will see 2 -3 shades of whitening after using the trays for 30 minutes per day for 2 weeks. 

In-office professional whitening  begins by applying a protective layer to the gums to minimize the contact of the teeth whitening agent to the gums. Contact will cause a non-threatening irritation to the gums. Once the protective layer is in place, the teeth concentrated whitening gel is then painted on to the surface of the teeth.  Usually 3-4 applications of gel are applied and the process usually takes about 2 hours. We generally see 2-3 shades of lightening in just 2 hours of treatment so it is a quick process.

From our patients

"I can't believe how white my teeth are now. Wow!"

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