Scholarship for Howard County Students

WE are excited to have started a lifetime scholarship for the students of our community!

In 2015, Melissa A. Jarrell, DDS started the Melissa A. Jarrell, DDS Fund for college students entering the health field. The scholarship is a $1250 per year scholarship for up to four years.

This fund provides scholarships for graduating seniors of any Howard County high school who are pursuing courses of study in fields that lead to careers in the medical/dental profession at any accredited college, university or nursing school in the United States.

Eligibility and selection criteria: (a) good scholastic standing; (b) a real and persistent desire for an education in the medical or dental field; (c) financial need; and (d) a recommendation from a teacher, academic advisor and/or academic administrator. *Use general scholarship application.

Please help us spread the word so we can support our young professionals.  Thank you to the Community Foundation of Howard County for providing these great services to our community.  The scholarship will be awarded in May 2017 for our second annual scholarship award. Click here for more information on the scholarship.

Good Luck! 

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